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Finding top talent is hard. Young talent? That's even harder. We work with Hiring Managers, University Recruiters, and internal HR teams to create job applications that attract candidates you're looking for. 



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Only 10% of LinkedIn is comprised of Gen Z. As college students ourselves, we look beyond traditional job boards to connect with diverse talent where they spend their time: on social media. Digital relationships have changed recruiting, why keep your company in the past?



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According to one study, over 60% of Gen Z agrees that referrals are the greatest way to learn about potential employers. We offer a valuable proposition in our approach by turning everyday students into affiliate recruiters and personal advocates for your organization.



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As the workforce changes, your demands do too. We offer pathways to help your interns learn the skills needed to thrive. We focus on building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, ensuring our students enter your organization bringing a positive impact.



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Investing in your talent doesn't have to be expensive. We only charge 20% of the intern's salary with 50% up front and the remainder upon your satisfaction. We overdeliver on employee value while undercutting standard prices in the recruiting industry.

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We offer a variety of high-quality student services beyond internships. Our exponentially growing student network covers all students in all majors. Let us know what you need, and we will do the rest!

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